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This is a particularly demanding fitness/education course based around our BAR-HIIT System and has a theory test, a practical test, a health safety test and a physical test before the certificate is given, We want all of our affiliates and RIF coaches to succeed once they have passed, and at the end of your 16-week course you will be tested in the UK or at our fitness camp in Malaga LEARN MORE>


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Call us old-fashioned but we believe you should practice what you preach and so before becoming a RIF coach you must undergo a vigorous routine in preparation for your physical test.  

Health and safety are crucial in fitness, Our routines are fast-paced and energetic using equipment that can cause serious injury, When becoming a RIF coach you will how to be safe in the studio and when online with BAR HIIT routines.

working smart is the key in this industry, we will help you to understand Social media, client care and business taxes  to help you with your understanding of what it takes to run a successful online business

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